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Practicing what I preach

 I am a big fan of printed photographs. I tell my clients that a printed photograph is a physical memory, a moment in time that we can hold in our hands. Since I have been doing a lot of headshots, I have been dealing with digital files; business clients need images for their websites and for social media. They seldom print a picture of themselves to frame and put on the office wall! That's why I enjoy photographing portraits and families when I get the chance.  As the weather warms up, families start planning get-togethers. The occasion might be a graduation, a birthday or just an excuse for grandma to get the family together. These events are the perfect time for family photos. Last summer I photographed a family of 28, plus assorted dogs and horses. It's intense work! I start with a group picture of everyone, then the families with the smallest children, working myself up to the couples and singles. Small children have the attention span of a gnat and a number of things can

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